Our values

Production system of quality food

Integrated production

Due to the use of methods that respect the human health and the natural environment, the integrated production is a food production system of the finest quality. This is guaranteed by the production, elaboration and marketing techniques we apply to minimize the use of agrochemical products, respect the native flora and fauna, empower the activity to preserve the rural environment and landscape and adapt the agricultural companies to the intensive production to ensure their economic viability.

The integrated production certificate is guaranteed by the Department of Agriculture, Nutrition and Rural Action of La Generalitat de Catalunya and the Integrated Production Catalan Council. The quality and security of the products is guaranteed through this official certificate that we own. This is represented in our products with a ladybug, their distinctive logo.

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Intensive production

This is one of the values related to the integrated production. The intensive production allows us to obtain the maximum profit out of our resources, always respecting the environment and its conditions.

Our olive trees are placed in the land following a 6×5 planting guide, so we are able to collect the fruits with the reversed vibrating umbrella.

Mechanical and natural processes

All the processes carried out to get our oil are natural, starting from their harvest and ending when the olives are grinded to extract their oil.

Our olives preserve all their qualities during the grinding, because they are not treated with chemical products nor subjected to high temperatures, thanks to the new technology based on grinding under the 25ºC.

Offering a high quality oil

Oil, especially in our culture, is ingested in almost all the meals of the day (if not in all of them). It has had multiple uses throughout history, and lots of studies confirm that extra virgin olive oil is essential to enjoy a healthy life.


For us, it is fundamental to guarantee a high quality, natural and healthy oil, and at the same time exquisite, because while we take care about ourselves we are also enjoying olive oil, a product fit for a king!

…and it is KM. 0!

We value a lot being able to recollect and make our own product to offer you the best of us. We care about the local market, real people, and being able to guarantee you that all of what we explain is true. We are enchanted by tranquility, patience, work well done and being able to observe the passage of time in slow motion, day by day, taking care of our lands. We love working our lands, respecting the environment and approaching you to it.