Arbequina: sweet and soft


This is the most cultivated variety in Catalonia and part of Aragon. Little by little, its harvest has been extended to other places in the world. Did you know that this olive’s name comes from a little town in Lleida named Arbeca?

This olive type is really small (3-5 mm of diameter), rounded and it weighs about 2 grams.

This variety offers us a very equilibrated oil. It emits some sweet smells and tastes, but it has the sufficient intensity to use it in practically all the meals. When you taste it, it reminds you the flavor of tomatoes or almonds.

We recommend it for…

Cooking fish, marinated dishes, vinaigrettes or mayonnaise. You can also use it in salads or vegetables. This oil brings us a soft taste without imposing its presence excessively.

We also recommend you to use it in pastry-making, as a substitute for the butter, because of its equilibrated and soft taste.

We recommend you to taste it with a toast, spread with tomato or by itself, with a good cheese or cold meats like ham or prosciutto.

It is ideal for kids when they start eating, to make purées and baby porridges, and also for people who are not used to consume raw olive oil.