How we elaborate our own oil

The project of elaborating our own oil was born in the year 2000, when we planted the first olive trees, and the plantation has been in expansion until 2010. At the present day, it is a young plantation of the most well-known olive varieties: arbequina and picual. Moreover, we preserved the monumental olive trees of our land.

Our goal is to guarantee an olive oil of high quality, and for this reason our land has an extra system of irrigation that provides water for all the trees. We ought to remember we are blessed with the Mediterranean weather, which is rather dry, and we have to ensure the fruit keeps its optimal status in fall for the harvest.

Before we harvest the olives, a specialized laboratory carries out some analysis so we acknowledge their status. We give some samples of each variety to the experts and once they are analyzed, they tell us when can we start harvesting. As soon as the analysis is done, we just have to wait for the perfect weather.

We harvest the varieties arbequina and picual mechanically, using a reversed umbrella with a vibrating system, but we harvest the monumental olive trees by hand, following the tradition.

At the end of every harvest day, we carry the olives we gathered to the mill. We use a cold mechanical extraction system. Nowadays, this is the most advanced technology in the market regarding this field, because it avoids heating the olive so it does not lose its properties, its polyphenols.

When the oil has been filtered out, it is ready to pack and enjoy.