Picual: with a strong personality


This is the most cultivated olive variety in the world. We can find it at the south of the Iberian Peninsula, especially in Jaén. Its name comes from the shape of the olive, which has a pointed end.

The same variety can acquire its own unique personality if harvested in different lands.

The oil coming from this kind of olive is of great value thanks to its stability because it has a high content in polyphenols. This feature makes the oil very resistant to oxidation and, in consequence, it preserves for a longer time the properties it obtains when it has just been grinded.

When we carry out a sensorial analysis, we notice that it has a really strong personality, given that the picual oil is a full-bodied, intense oil. Its most characteristic feature is that its full of spicy and bitter touches, which gives off some smells evoking green herbs and tomato plants.


This variety gives us a high level of oleic acid, which, together with other components, is responsible for the reduction of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase of good cholesterol (HDL). This oil is highly recommended for people who have a high level of cholesterol.

Moreover, this oil, because of its high content in polyphenols, is excellent to take good care of our cardiovascular system, to help it with its running and the circulation of the blood.

We recommend it for…

Meat, cheese or stews because it is a full-bodied oil with a strong taste. In addition, this oil holds on its properties even if it is cooked for several hours.

It is also ideal for green salads, since picual oil provides a special touch.

We recommend OVE oil lovers to taste it only with bread. The taste and smell that come off are spectacular!