Coupage: a monumental oil. Our grandparents’ oil


We make this OVE oil with olives from the monumental and centennial olive trees, which include five different varieties: farga, empeltre, morruda, sevillenca and rojal.

Unlike arbequina and picual, the coupage harvest is done by traditional methods: with a special net called borrassa, big combs and our bare hands.

We must be aware that the production of this variety is limited, because our monumental olive trees are very old, some of them are even centennial trees.

Its taste shows us that it is a really fruity oil, slightly bitter and spicy, with a rich variety of smells that may remind us of green bananas, vegetables, tomatoes or almonds. It has so many olive varieties that each one brings their special features, and the result is an equilibrated oil, both in smell and taste.


When we explain the features of the coupage oil, everybody imagines and hopes to taste the same oil our grandparents made in the past, with some defects and sometimes rancid or with some funny taste, because in the old days nobody had the technology we have nowadays. We preserve the same old olive trees and the recollection method is similar too, but when it comes to grinding the olives and preserve the oil obtained, we use innovative techniques to get a better product.

We recommend it for…

It is a very versatile oil and it is perfect for every single meal, both on a fresh salad with dry or sweet fruits or on vegetables, fish and meat, or simply a toast with or without spread tomato.

This last option is highly recommendable so you can enjoy all the flavors it has to offer just raw, by itself.