Oli del raig

A precious mouthwatering craving. Liquid gold!

What is oli del raig?

Oli del raig is the oil obtained right after grinding the olives, it is not strained nor given time to stand. Since it is not strained, it is recommended to be consumed in the next 2 or 3 months because after a period of time the natural impurities settle at the bottom of the container, and then those dregs can let go some imperfections.

When can we find it?

By logic, during the harvest period: in October, November and December, given that this oil is instantaneous, it has not rested nor been strained. During the rest of the year, it is more suitable to consume strained oil.

We offer you…

Oli del raig of the arbequina variety. We offer this kind of oil because we think it is the best variety to enjoy oli del raig: it is a green, fruity and strong oil.

The feeling is, more or less, like having an olive in your mouth. This experience offers the unique sensations of cold times next to the fireplace in good company, when the night starts to grow longer, toasting bread on the hot coal and dropping some of this liquid gold on it.

Our advice is you better try it!

We suggest you use it…

Raw. Use it on salads, toasts, vegetables, or light up your barbecue to make a tasty piece of meat or fish using this oil. If you are an oil lover you must give it a try. You will not regret it!